Jan 21, 2012

Weekend Etsy Finds

I love Etsy so much that I'm making sifting through all the fun stuff over there a little easier for you! I hope to make these posts a regular feature at least a few times a month on the weekends! 

 Here's what I spotted this weekend: 

These colorful and fun Set of Knobs would make some fun artwork, don't you think? 

How about his clever Mac Clock

I love these Embroidered Necklaces. I think the aqua fabric with red thread is my favorite combination!

This Striped Purse would feel right at home with my other striped belongings! I know, I know. Someone should have an "obsession with striped things" intervention with me. This too shall pass.

Have a Happy Weekend! 

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Susan Anderson said...

That purse is a winner. And the clock is fun!


Unknown said...

I agree with Sue, purse definitely wins me :-)

Rebecca said...

Not that it would 'go' with anything here in my house but I love the clock.

Lauren Knight said...

My favorite is the bunch of knobs! Great find!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love Etsy. Those knobs are fabulous!

karen said...

I could spend hours on Etsy. Literally hours.