Feb 20, 2012


on a plane with my son earlier this winter

What is it about airplanes? Whenever I fly, I love to look around and observe people around me. Some people sleep. Other people struggle with a crying baby (me) and can only relax once the baby is sleeping (me again). Others chat or read. Some are petrified. 

But somehow at least the thought of airplanes captures our imaginations and inspires us, don't you think?

  Did you ever make paper airplanes as a child? I loved to. 

This weekend I found some awesome airplane adventures that I wanted to share with you:

paper airplane garland from smile and wave

cross stitched airplane from mollie makes

paper airplanes hanging from a bike wheel from the fabulously creative lauren clark

Pretty awesome! 

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Susan Anderson said...

Love that airplane collage with the bike wheel. It's just so much fun!


Susan Anderson said...

Oops, not collage. I meant mobile.

See, I'm getting old!


Caroline said...

I thought the bike wheel airplane mobile was amazing too! When you first look at it--it actually takes a second to figure it out--so, I don't think you are getting old, Sue! It's definitely unique!

Unknown said...

Your son is so precious! It must be amazing being a mother :-)

This post reminds me to enjoy life more.

Rebecca said...

I figured out the log in information!!! I found my blog again!!! Wohoooo!

I love flying. And you and Oliver look so sweet there on the airplane.

karen said...

I love the airplanes hanging from the bike wheel - so colorful!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute airplane garland.