Feb 3, 2012

D.I.Y. Tic Tac Toe Tablecloth!

I'm always looking for ways to keep the kids occupied while I make dinner which seems to be the time of the day when everyone is cranky (not to mention super hungry). 
So, the other day I had this idea then I armed myself with some gold fabric paint and transformed an old tablecloth into a tic tac toe mat for the kids! I loved how it turned out and the kids even helped me to create the game pieces. 
For this project, the tablecloth can double as a game mat and still be used as a covering for the table since the fabric paint is machine washable!

Materials Needed:
Solid colored tablecloth
Fabric Paint
Small Sponge brush
Cardboard Coasters (your favorite local restaurant normally has tons--just ask)
Black spray paint
Gold acrylic paint (small bottle)
Small empty jars or plastic containers (like a small yogurt container worked perfect for me) 

Creating the Tablecloth:

Take a solid colored tablecloth and lay it out on your table. Using painter's tape create hollow rectangles so you can paint the lines inside. You can be precise and measure or you can "eyeball" it like I did. 

Using fabric paint and a sponge brush, dab the paint in between the lines. Use a small amount of paint and dab until the brush is dry. 
Remove your tape and allow your lines to dry (I gave it about 30 minutes). Repeat the same hollow-rectangular outlines using your tape but going in opposite directions this time. Repeat the painting, remove the tape then allow to dry

"X" and "O" Game Pieces
Gather 9 round cardboard coasters or other round/square flat objects. I painted the coasters a solid black with spray paint. 
Once dry, use acrylic paint (I used gold) and a empty yogurt container (or jar rim would work) to dip in gold paint and dab on the black coasters. You can involve the kids in this part!
3. To create the "x's" use the same acrylic paint and a small sponge brush to quickly paint them on, in  laid back painterly style.

Final step: 
go and PLAY

A special thanks to Scotch who sent me the new Edge Lock Paint Line Protector tape for this project. 
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Unknown said...

This Is Awesome, Caroline!!! What a fabulous idea! I'll pin it. :)

Susan Anderson said...

This idea is a real keeper, and if I were a Pinterest kind of girl, I'd pin this for sure!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

A cute easy project. i love it.

Susan said...

Great idea! I have some old sheets and I will definitely do this.

Caroline said...

Susan, a sheet would be great for this project!

And as an update--I have since posting this washed and dried (in the dryer) my tablecloth twice and it is as good as new! Survey says? It's very durable!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is the coolest idea ever!! Totally sending this over to my friend. Thanks, darling. Happy Monday. xo