Feb 17, 2012

Real Crafts for Real Kids (A New Series): Making Maracas

Wasn't that easy?

Most of the time when I am in a crafting funk (as in, I am at a TOtal loss for fun ideas) my four year old daughter helps me out. She LOVES arts and crafts. She makes up her own projects and some of them are getting so good that I've decided to give her a regular feature here. 

I'm calling it Real Crafts for Real Kids (as in not perfect looking crafts that kids can actually make) and they will be things that kids can really do on their own

What do you think? Are you in?

Yogurt Cup Maracas
(best for ages 4 and up)

What your child needs:
two empty yogurt cup containers
masking tape

1. Take two empty plastic cups and fill one with rice
2. Stack the cups with the rice filled one on the bottom
3. Tape the cups together
4. and shake shake shake!

Have a gorgeous weekend!
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Rebecca said...

This is so fun. I love it. And I have those moments too...when I can't think of anything new and fun to do at all.

leigh hewett said...

Great idea! She's clever just like her mama!

Caroline said...

My daughter (Helen's the one in this feature) has a real knack for coming up with ideas. She amazes me. And she wants to have "arts and crafts" time ALL the time. It's her total thing. After she kept coming up with these ideas--I finally said--this would make a great series! Her ideas are totally doable for kids because, *ahem* she IS a kid! :)

Rebecca-I am having those moments more and more as I approach 40. I think I need to take some fish oils! :))
Leigh--thanks, lady! You are kinda clever yourself! xo

Susan Anderson said...

What do I think? I think she is clever as can be, just like her mama!


Unknown said...

Great idea :-) Looks like she's having a lot of fun!