Feb 21, 2012

straw painting gone viral

Do you remember this post about straw painting from a couple of years ago? Well, it has gone kind of viral on Pinterest. Who knew? 

Do you Pinterest? It's the new craze and I'm definitely getting the hang of it. Although, since the company only has 16 employees (and now millions of followers) they are still working out some kinks. For example, my account is one with "inconsistencies" (as they've explained in an email to me) in my followers numbers. Which basically means that sometimes when people follow my boards, it reports to my numbers and sometimes it doesn't. Oh computers! 

If you want to follow me, you can find my boards right here

So, tell me. Do you think Pinterest is just too much or do you like it? 
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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love Pinterest. I am following you now.

Caroline said...

thanks SMT, I am following you now too! I am still figuring things out over there but a few tips I have learned are:

1. you can use the @ symbol then a pinners name (a drop-down box will appear) and it tags them in a comment much like twitter or fb. Not many people are using this feature yet

2. when you click on a pin, you can click on the actual image and go to the site where that pin was found. chances are if you like the pin you clicked on you will like the website and will not only find a great website but find more pins you like too!

3. it seems to be okay now to, in moderation, pin your own things from your own site. for ex: if I post a DIY projects, I can pin the main image from that project. When Pinterest was first "born" this was taboo--but now EVERYONE who has a blog is doing it.

4. you don't have to care about arts and crafts to pin. you can pin any image from the web and organize it into a board you create: recipes, places to visit, books to read etc etc

Now, the real question is--if we spend all this time "pinning" will we ever accomplish anything again? I'd like to think that inspiration motivates..but we shall see!

hope that helps anyone who is curious!

Rebecca said...

I just recently started on pinterest but.....My jury is still out on that site.

Caroline said...

Yes, Rebecca. It took me a few weeks to get warmed up to it so I know exactly what you mean. I suppose only time will tell how effective it will be to all of us. For those that I know that attended the Alt Design Summit in Utah this year--they heard from the founder of Pinterest who explained to all that the creation of this was to purely inspire. Apparently he gave a great talk and everyone was really motivated to get more active.

Susan Anderson said...

I've been afraid to get myself caught up in another time-stealer. I already spend way too many hours blogging!

Sure seems like people enjoy it, though, and I suspect I would, too.


karen said...

I like it. I wasn't sure what to do with it until my daughter likened it to a virtual folder where you keep all of your ripped out magazine pages. Then it made sense. I'm probably not using it to it's fullest extent, but there are so many good ideas I don't want to forget about.

Robyn said...

I've done this before with my class and they loved it...the paint needs to be quite runny as the pupils tired themselves out blowing!

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog Africa, My Africa - comments are always nice! :)

leigh hewett said...

I need to play on Pinterest more. It's such a cool concept but I'm afraid of getting sucked in and never coming up for air. It looks highly addictive!

Your boards are awesome! Mine just has pictures of cute baby animals. There is one of a tiny hamster butt that is pretty adorable!

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

This looks like fun! I totally want to try it. I feel like I'd do something stupid, though, and suck the paint in instead of blowing it out! ; ) I love pinterest! My goal is to actually do the things I pin, though (okay, not all of them), so I'm not just wasting my time. It's easy to sit and pin and pin and pin...