Apr 10, 2012

20 Ideas for Outside Fun with the Kids!

Spring is here and guess what? The kids are ready to rumble. 
Here are 20 fun outside activities you can do with your kids this spring in honor of Earth month! 
If you are anything like me, I know that it can be a challenge to load everyone up and make a day of an outdoor activity. But, it is SO worth it. Keeping that in mind, I've even included some things you can do very close to your house (like building a back deck fort) that still incorporate some outdoor fun. 
Did you know that April is Earth Month? 
Speaking of which, Disney is hosting an Earth Month event :The Disney Kids and Nature Celebration will be held April 12-14th in Orlando. Follow @DisneyParks on twitter for more information!

Outdoor Fun with the Kids:

1. Build a fort outside in your backyard or on the deck 
2. Go to the zoo
4. Plan a day trip to a "Pick Your Own" farm
5. Gather pinecones, gum balls etc (if you live in the city, go to a park and find these things) and Make a fun craft
6. Pack your lunch and have a picnic in the grass!
7. Make footprints of the family in the sand (as a keepsake).
8. Have a race. Make everyone wear a funny looking paper hat. Whoever finishes with their hat still on wins!
10. Start Bird Watching
11. lay blankets on the ground in the evening and look at the stars. Identify the constellations. 
12. Find a fishing spot near you. Google around for kid friendly locations and go fishing!
13. Pitch a tent in your backyard or even on your back deck. 
14.  Go to a National park
15. Find a big hill and roll down it. Do it like you mean it. 
16. Paint a birdhouse (you can buy one for $1 at most craft stores). Find a tree outside, climb it and hang the birdhouse. 
17. Sit on a blanket in the grass and read The Giving Tree.  
18. Play Duck Duck Goose with the whole family. Get everyone involved ages 1-100. 
19. Find a grassy area and mark off a 10 foot by 10 foot small space. Give the kids a magnifying glasses and have them search for teeny-tiny things. 

Want to know WHY you should play outside more? Read here. 

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mr. pineapple man said...

Looks like lots of fun! I think I will try this when I have kids!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great ideas. My kids will love making a fort outside.

Susan Anderson said...

What a perfect post for Spring...and your usual creative ideas do not disappoint!


Unknown said...

Great ideas! Pinning it!

Caroline said...

Thanks Mr. Pineapple, SMT and Sue!

Caroline said...

Oh Thank you small + friendly!! Super! :) xo!

Unknown said...

Great ideas! We spent hours at the park yesterday playing, eating a picnic lunch, looking at the train that is parked there on display, and chasing geese. It was such a beautiful day! I love the spring.

Caroline said...

I love Spring too, Jenny! Glad you guys had fun at the park! :)

karen said...

I'm so ready to travel and start having these fun times with the grandkiddies!