Apr 13, 2012

DIY: Heart Patch Tights

Make Your Own: Heart Patch Tights

The other day I spotted these adorable tights for girls by J.Crew (Crewcuts) that had metallic knee patches. My daughters are pretty obsessed with knee patches so when I saw these I was super excited. And, like all crazy "Do-it-yourselfers" figured I could make my own! So, I bought some tights for $2.50 from target and got to work. 

This project took me (start to finish with painting) about 15 minutes. Drying time took about 25 minutes. 

Here's How:

First of all, here's my inspiration via Crewcuts:

Okay, so once I had my tights, I gathered my supplies (fabric paint, scissors, an iron (coolest, dry setting), freezer paper, sponge or stencil brush):

I eye-balled the size of a heart for each knee of the tights then made a template out of notebook paper. I then cut out the shape of the heart on two squares of freezer paper. Double them up and save cutting time.
Lay out your tights and unfold your heart templates
Iron on your freezer paper templates (wax side down) using the TIP of the iron only on the COOLEST setting--set also to DRY. Press down the edges of the outline--you don't have to iron the whole template on. 

Slip some paper inside the tights so when you paint the paint doesn't bleed through.
BUT, be sure to remove this paper once you finish painting after waiting about 5 minutes. If you leave the paper and let it fully dry the paper (on the inside) may stick to the stockings and may leave the design looking more crinkled. I know because this happened to me!
Allow about 25 minutes to dry then remove your freezer paper template. 
Have your sweet pea try on her new tights and, Voila! There you go! 

See? Wasn't that fun?

The End. 

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Rebecca said...

I love this :)

Caroline said...

thanks, Rebecca--they were fun (and easy) to make.

meet your maker said...

These are awesome! I've been poking around Salsa Pie for the last couple days after your comment on my blog. So great! And so cool that you're local. I'm glad you found me and I look forward to following your crafting adventures. :)

Miranda (Makes)

Caroline said...

Miranda! Thank you! Yes--SO neat to have found you and in the SAME week another local blogger too! Amazing, I've been doing this for 3 years now and I am just now finding out there are other bloggers in the Balt area. Very cool, indeed.
Thanks for coming by--I will stop by your spot again very soon! xo!

meet your maker said...

If you don't mind sharing, who was the other local blogger? I'm always looking for cool local blogs. :)

Caroline said...

Miranda--the other local blogger I've recently connected with is Jennifer Cooper of Classic Play. Here is her amazing site http://www.classic-play.com/


meet your maker said...

Ah, yes! I know Classic Play! :)

Caroline said...

Miranda, I'm thinking--how have I not known about you guys! So much talent here in Baltimore! We should hold our own summit! :))

Very Shannon said...

Great idea! My wee ones would love this! Thx for the kind comment today too! Glad you liked the blog :) I'll be back to visit too. Have a great weekend.

Caroline said...

luvinthemommyhood--so glad you stopped by too! I can't wait to see what you do with all the Martha supplies!! SO exciting!

Susan Anderson said...

How cute are these???

(very cute)


Caroline said...

thank you , thank you, Sue!

Unknown said...

So cute, Caroline! And thank you for the tip about taking the paper out BEFORE the paint dries. I forgot to do that with the last shirt that I made Levi and it made it a mess... crinkly, just like you said. Argh. XO

Caroline said...

Hi, Jenny! If you look closely at her left knee (the one we see on the right) you'll notice it's drink;y--just as you have describes with Levi's shirt. I left the paper on too long--which is how I know to remind about removing it! Ha! Oh well. But in this case, my mistake is everyone's gain in the knowledge! :)

meet your maker said...

Caroline, I am loving the idea of our own summit. ;) Yeah Baltimore!

ReclaimHumanity said...
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Andrea said...

Love this had to share!!!