Apr 17, 2012

The Great Toilet Paper Roll Challenge!

As you know, I've tried to make this blog dedicated to craft projects using very accessible materials. My thought has always been this: busy moms don't really have time to shop for a bunch of supplies. Plus, the cost really adds up! So when my friend and fellow blogger, Jenny from SIDAC (an AMAZING community craft blog named top 50 Craft Blogs 2012 by Babble!) announced she was hosting a Toilet Paper Roll Challenge, I naturally said " We are IN!" 

The rules: 
Craft something (anything) using a toilet paper roll. Post about it on Tuesday April 17th. 
What we did:
I laid out some random supplies (crepe paper streamers, cotton balls, q-tips, construction paper and google eyes fro example) and just told the kids to make anything they wanted using the materials  provided. I pitched in too and we all got inspired to make our favorite thing: funny people. 

Here's how it all turned out:
See folks? 
Another reason not to get too worked-up when your toddler unrolls all the toilet paper in the bathroom. 

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Rebecca said...

I love your TP People!

I found this on Pinterest and will do this sometime while the kids are on summer vacation.


Caroline said...

Rebecca--my personal favorite is the center one Helen and Lizzie made (as a joint venture) it actually STANDS on its q-tip legs! Ingenious! :)

mr. pineapple man said...

so cute! What a fun project!

Unknown said...

The q-tip legs are awesome! Your kids are awesome. You are awesome! Thanks so much for taking the challenge, Caroline!

Susan Anderson said...

Perfect. TP peeps!


Caroline said...

Mr. Pineapple Man--it WAS fun!
Jenny-thanks for such an awesome challenge idea! It was so fun. And YOU are the awesome one!
Sue--TP Peeps are my new best friends! :))

karen said...

A great project with materials that are always on hand!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute TP people.