May 21, 2012

bumblebee nails and an upcoming giveaway!

There are only a few weeks of school left for the kids here and to be totally honest, I am ready! Summer will be crazy with all the kids at home all day but I enjoy them so much. 
On my agenda before school is out: to organize our art supplies. I'll have four little budding artists ready for action at some point each day and I want to be prepared with things like glue sticks and crayons. Hopefully I'll post about that--some tips and tricks for having a craft corner prepared. That should motivate me!
My preschool aged daughter loves for me to paint her nails and we have had so much fun this school year coming up with fun ideas for our pretend nail salon. I painted bumblebee nails several months ago, took these pictures then forgot about them. But, looking at them this evening (I'm writing this on Sunday eve) I think they turned out cute!
Sometimes it's the little things, like looking at pictures of darling painted nails that make me realize this time is fleeting. If I'm not careful, I'll miss these tiny little celebrations that are so much a part of life with young children. 
And I want to remind myself over and over again that although my dishes need to be cleaned, that little sparkle that resides in the spirit of each one of my children also needs attention. 
If I ever seem like I'm forgetting that, will you please promise to remind me? 
p.s. I am working on a post about an upcoming giveaway I am hosting for eshakti where you will be able to order anything from their site and have it custom fit for you.
Stay tuned, friends. Stay tuned!
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Rebecca said...

The link works on this page :)

The contest page I can't get the link to open :(

Can't wait to enter :)

Susan Anderson said...

I think I just fell in love with bumblebee nails.

And the day you forget to enjoy your children is a day that will never come...


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Those nails are super cute.

Caroline said...

aren't they cute!? Helen loved them so much!