May 19, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Yesterday the kids were home from school and we decided to have a few friends over in the morning. We put the toy tea set outside with all the toys and gave the kids some cookies and lemonade for a good old-fashioned children's tea party. 
It so much reminded me of my childhood memories, one in particular where my mother took me to visit a friend "in town". We drove to her house with beautiful white picket fence surrounding and there in the front yard she had gathered all her older daughter's toys and dolls and tea sets in the yard. Other children were there too and we played in the shade of the old oak trees while our parents made conversation.
It's one of those memories I'll have with me always. 

Yesterday, my friend Anne brought me these beautiful Peonies. It was the perfect gesture. 
I can't remember if I told her but Peonies are my favorite flower and were the subject of my very first painting. 

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! 
Do you have any weekend plans? 

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Paloma said...

Hi! Happy Weekend to you! Maybe you don't remember me... I disappeared from my blog a while ago... then I re-took it and I am planning on getting my friends back! I hope they (you) allow me to do so! I've been posting new recipes and updating the "look" of my blog... just so I would be able to have something new and fresh to offer... now I've given myself to the task of contacting my old friends/readers! I hope I'll see you around! I am hosting a giveaway now and I hope you'll enter! It would mean a lot! I'll be around more often! :) Paloma from The Coffee Shop

Susan Anderson said...

Those peonies?


PS. I love that your mom took you to a tea party under the oak trees.