Jun 7, 2012

Shoe Tie Practice Board (A-Team Style)

Sometimes I feel like we are the A-Team around here! Did you ever watch the A-Team? It was one of my favorite television shows in the 1980's. If you think about it, it was the ultimate DIY show. In each episode, the A-Team would scavenge around for materials to create something essential to hatch their plan. Part of the comedy (and awesomeness) of the show was the silly stuff they would use. For instance, they would make an armored truck even better with some duck tape and a few welding techniques. 

Like the A-Team, we find random stuff around to make a plan come together and today, we're learning to tie shoes.
Want to learn too? 

Here's how:

Materials Needed:
box cutter (or heavy duty scissors)
screw driver

Step 1
Cut out a square of cardboard and lay down your shoes. Trace the first shoe loosely (be careful not to get marker on the shoe)
Step 2
Trace the 2nd shoe
Step 3
Make a straight line for the toe design at the top of each shoe. Draw ten dots on each shoe for the lace holes
Step 4
"Adult A-Team certified Only" for this one: Lay cardboard on top of thick carpeting and puncture holes with the screwdriver. Spin the screwdriver around to form the holes. In the comment section below, if you have a better method for this step, please suggest! The A-Team always looks for the best way! We've been known to wing it!
Step 5
Thread laces through the holes and then let your child learn to tie!

See? Wasn't that fun? 

Your child can color the shoe tie practice board too! 

I love it when a plan comes together! 

post edit:
Thanks to all of you who Pinned this, it went pretty viral on Pinterest. So exciting!! Who knew? Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones we crave the most! 

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Paloma said...

Such a neat idea ... OF COURSE I'LL PIN IT! ;)

Caroline said...

Thanks, Paloma! :)

Jenny Yarbrough said...

Awesome! I have to make this for Luke. He's been wanting to learn how to tie his own shoes. Such a cute idea!

Caroline said...

Jenny, I've seen really cute sewn versions--but this little number literally took 10 minutes to make! My goal is to teach them by the end opt the summer!

Sue said...

This is a good idea because I notice that a lot of kids aren't learning to tie their shoes until really old ages!

Guess that's because of velcro??


Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

Such a great idea! Found it thru pinterest and I'm so glad I did! I had a wooden puzzle laying around (had used the pieces for ornaments last year) so I used that, drilled holes with a drill and used washi tape to decorate it. Loved this DIY! Thanks Caroline!

small + friendly said...

I love this! Please tell me you've seen the sesame street A team, it's a favorite episode in my house. You're blowin up pinterest with this awesome idea!

Caroline said...

Sue--You are correct. Velcro is the culprit. And to be totally honest, I think my generation sometimes confuses being busy with being productive and (at times) we get so busy we forget to teach our kids the basics. :/

Karissa--YAY! That sounds fantastic!! I bet it turned out great!

Small+Friendly--I have not seen that episode!!! But, it sounds like I totally should! I LOVE the A-team. Could you tell from this post? ;) Also, I did see this one go a little wild on Pinterest. Who knew? Such a simple project! I am honestly just so tickled to know that people are enjoying it!

*katie said...

Awesome! My twin boys are ready to learn shoe tying and this is genius! :)

Margot said...

I featured it as Article of The Week today on my blog, Twitter and FB, just a thumb and link to your post... hope you don't mind.


Caroline said...

Margot--thank you!!! That's fantastic! :)

Sandra said...

Excellent idea! Velcro has done it's damage- the girl needs to learn to tie shoes!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Thank u so much I've been trying with my 8 y/ o who refuses to do it!

Caroline said...

Katie--so glad your boys are learning--that is awesome!

Sandra--I totally agree!!

Alexis--so glad this was helpful! :)

Elizabeth said...

What a great project! My daughter is the exact right age for this. I love how it gets kids involved in decorating too. Brilliant--thanks!

bloggermom8027 said...

I also found this on pinterest. Such a brilliant idea! My 4 year old has been trying to tie his shoes but is having a really awkward time with his shoes on his feet. This will totally help. LOVE A-team too. :) the movie wasnt quite a good as the old school series though!! Thanks for sharing!

Smart & Sassy Mom said...

OMG! I can't wait to do this! My princess will be SO PROUD!! Thanks!

Julie said...

I used the lid of a shoebox (and traced just one shoe), then dug through my scrapbook stuff and used an anywhere punch and small hammer to punch the holes. We're keeping a couple of fun pairs of laces inside so my daughter can switch them out. Great idea, thanks!

Anonymous said...

And crocs! God bless crocs, but it does hinder this ability