Jun 29, 2012

a paper bear chain template & awesome links

Normally when I see a template on a blog, I get all panicky and I cruise along someplace else as quickly as possible. I know that probably sounds funny coming from me, but  the thought of printing out something and then actually following instructions is sometimes too much for this busy mom to handle. 

But, that being said (cue: crazy-craft-obsessed-induced laughter) today I am providing you with....

(cue: suspenseful drumroll)

 ...a template
Ta da! 

Why am I providing you with a template for (of all things) random paper bears? Well, the simple reason is that when I tell people how much my kids LOVE (and I mean luuuuuvv) making paper doll, bear and even paper alien (huh?chains, they usually ask me how I make them. When they give me a blank stare after I explain how I realize that I must be the only nutty mom making paper bear chains for her kids (who then cut off the tiny paper-bear ears to make paper aliens).

So anyway, here is a template just for you. Please feel free to print and share then cut out zillions of paper bear (or even alien!) chains for your kids to enjoy!

p.s. We like to cut them out individually after we make the chain!

**Note: Quick template directions--fold lengthwise, then fold on fold line 2, then fold on fold line 3. Cut the bear out but do not cut along the edges where the hands should attach together. Unfold and you will have two sets of 3 bear chains. You can leave them as chains or cut them out individually! **

Awesome links this week:

- Have a Tour de France party for the kids!
- Make some lovely Fourth of July Napkins!
- Go fishing!
- Design your own creative office space!
-Offer your children an afternoon snack (Le Gouter as the French say).
-An incredible list of 10 steps to create a magical summer for your kids!
-Two creative minds have an awesome chat and you are invited!
- I love this adorable cake bunting! And a recipe link is here too!
-One of the best tributes to Nora Ephron I have read. 
-A great discussion going on here about the things we own (or do they own us?)
- Take a fun stroll through Olbrich Botanical Gardens!
-One of my favorite awesome and crafty blogs!
-Absolutely the most adorable birthday party in the world!

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leigh hewett said...

Thanks for the link love! I can't wait to visit the other blogs linked here too. Have a great weekend!

Sandra said...

Thanks Caroline! When I read the collection of links I realize what a talented group of bloggers this is. And how lucky I feel to be a part of it.

Susan Anderson said...

Looks like great fun.
And super links!


Jill V/ TerraSavvy said...

Just came across this tonight! Thanks for the link!

xoxo J