Jun 4, 2012

Summer Project Ideas Round-up (Salsa Pie it!)

Summer is here and I've put together a little Salsa Pie summer round-up for you filled with links for all the "perfect for summer" projects we've concocted here. 
Just in time for summer break!

1. Rainy Day? Make a Tic-Tac-Toe Tablecloth and have it handy. We made this one in less than an hour. Bonus: the kids helped so it's a 2-in-1 activity!
2. Snap some pictures of your lovelies, laminate them and instantly you have personalized paper dolls. Put  on a fashion show!
3. Make Funny Face Pots and plant some seeds. Watch it grow! Instant family fun!
4. Turn a cereal box into a finger puppet theatre and some gloves into family finger puppets! Instant family fun. 
5. Three words: Nature. Scavenger. Hunt. Here's how you can plan one. 

p.s. On Friday, I'll be rounding-up projects from around the web!
p.p.s. Can you tell I had a busy weekend and I'm trying to get some milage out of my previously crafted projects? ;)

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love the idea of a nature scavenger hunt. I will have to try it with the kids.

Susan Anderson said...

All so cute that I can't even pick a favorite.


dance hamilton said...

The final example was one for the jive. Because Jive was developed by people who at the time had to work very hard for their money, when they hit the weekend it was like they had been released from prison. And that's how the jive should look and feel: like a man just out of prison.