Jul 21, 2012

BabbaCo and the amazing Babba Box

A special thanks to BabbaCo for sponsoring this post and sending us an amazing and craft loaded Babba Box! 

Have you heard about BabbaCo? Well, a few weeks ago BabbaCo contacted me to see if I would be willing to review one of their boxes. I tried to contain my excitement in my email response, but the truth is, I already knew about BabbaCo and their boxes and I was on board at "hello"!

Shortly after I squealed with excitement in an email, a box arrived on my doorstep and inside it was loaded with amazing crafts, all with the theme of giving thanks. The kids went WILD and loved every minute of every craft. And there was even a camera provided for one of the crafts which was beyond cool. 

So, if you can't already tell, BabbaCo is an incredible (and brilliant!) company that designs craft projects, packages them (with any and every material you would possibly need for each craft) and ships the box to your doorstep eliminating all the steps of planning, and shopping for parents!

Salsa Pie readers: you can receive 33% off your membership when you order the back to school pack. Use promo code SP33BTS

This great video explains everything about the amazing box: 

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Rebecca said...

Sounds and looks like a lot of fun :)

How is your summer going? Winding down fast I bet. We already bought all the school supplies!~