Jul 18, 2012

family photobooth fun:

As we all watch the Tour de France in full swing, it's hard not to get in the mood for a little something French. This week, feeling pretty inspired, we decided to make a family photobooth with props to match!

 Our theme?

A vintage French-inspired circus! 

We simply used felt to make the backdrop and props for our booth then set the camera on the tripod:

Want to make one too? 


Materials Needed for the Photobooth:

2 large pieces of white felt for the background and another large sized blue or red piece of felt for the curtains. 
Fabric Glue (or LOW temp hot glue and hot glue gun) 

Materials Needed for the Props:
wooden dowels or medium to heavy gage jewelry wire
felt squares 
scraps of fabric
hot glue and hot glue gun
thin cardboard (cereal boxes work well for this) 

Step 1
Lay your background piece of felt fabric out flat on a table or the floor. Cut the dark colored fabric for curtains into two large pieces smaller than the background fabric. 

Step 2
Cut out the shape of curtain sides from the dark felt and cut smaller loops from the dark felt too to look like curtain tiebacks.  Tip: I also cut a small openings in the "gather" of each curtain to look like the tieback around the gather. 

Step 3
Glue the dark felt curtains onto the felt fabric with LOW temp hot glue or fabric glue or you can sew it on for a really finished look. 

Making the Props:

Step 1

Cut shapes out of cereal box cardboard for your props. We cut triangles for hats and mustache shapes for facial hair fun and we even cut a large rectangle for a shirt. 

Step 2

Decorate your cardboard box cut-outs with felt and fabric gluing it on with low temp hot glue. Attach thick gage wire (bend the bottom  and twist around to make a bling end or cover in tape to make it safe to handle) or wooden dowels with hot glue and away you go!

After you make your backdrop and props, go wild and snap some pictures! Once you upload your pictures onto your computer, you can use free and fun online filters to give your circus shots a vintage look:

And, your backdrop can also double as the background for a puppet theatre! Use it many times after your photobooth fun!

So, are you ready for some circus fun? 



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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

What a fun idea!

Caroline said...

Thanks, SMT. We had fun making it. I can see your crew rocking this too!

Jill V said...

Seriously?! You need to come to my house NOW! We are in need of some fun to go along with the circus we already have going on here with the kids being home and sick!


Melanie said...

I am completely in awe of you, Caroline. THIS IS AMAZING!

Susan Anderson said...

This is delightful, Caroline!


Unknown said...

Beyond fabulous!

Ann said...

What a lovely idea! Where did you get the wonderful puppets?

Unknown said...

AHHHHH!!!! SO CUTE!! You did it again! How do you keep coming up with such fun projects??

Leslie said...

Do your kids know how lucky they are to have such a fun mommy?

Photobooth said...

Your Photobooth will looks cute and beautiful through the help of some creative props and backgrounds and you can now also create your own props and use in Photobooth pictures.