Jul 9, 2012

Family Theatre Fun:

One of my goals with my children is to teach them how to entertain themselves. I believe that this skill will not only give them confidence but it will also show them that we can always make our own fun. And sometimes that fun is just an empty cereal box away!

Want to make some family string puppets and put on a good show? 

What you will need:
-one empty cereal box per puppet
-a glue stick
-A printed picture of your family member's face (about 5" x 8ish") printed on 8.5" x 11 copy paper
-some scrap cardboard
-hot glue and hot glue gun (or) 
-tape (optional)
-box cutter

Here's How:
First draw some simple legs and arms on the inside of a cereal box, opened-out. Keep the lines simple. 
Cut your legs and arms out and draw the shape of a body (shorts and shirt, a dress) onto cardboard. 
After you draw your body, print out a picture of your family member on 8.5" x 11" copy paper. You may need to play around with the size but it should be bigger in proportion to the body. Cut the face out then glue with your glue stick onto cereal box cardboard. Cut out again so that your face is reinforced with cardboard. Optionally, you could print the face on heavy card stock paper and eliminate this step. 
Using an box cutter knife (adults only!) cut out the shape of the body of your puppet. Lay the pieces out to see if you need to make any size adjustments. 
Wait until you color your outfit  and shoes etc (kids will love this part!) before gluing the head and arms on with hot glue. Optionally, you could use large paper fasteners. I experimented with this but un the end decided to keep the legs and arms fixed. 
Once all the pieces are glued into place, flip your puppet over and attach the string. Form a loop at the top and attach the two end pieces by glue or tape to the back body of the puppet. The puppet will fall/lean forward if you don't also attach the string to the back of the head.

And there you have it: 

Yay! Your puppet is ready for action! Set up a theatre at home or, take your puppet for some ice cream.

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Sue said...

Okay, this is one of your best ideas yet!


Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

What a great idea! My kids would love these!

Rebecca said...

So cute! And the kids are getting so very big! Love their little puppet faces.

Caroline said...

Thanks, Sue!! We definitely had fun making them!

Rosa--as I write this as 8:10am--my kids each have their puppet in hand dancing to some music. In short--they were a HIT!!

Rebecca, Joey and Isabella would LOVE this project, I can bet you!!!

small + friendly said...

These are so cute and I love what you say about wanting your little ones to be able to entertain themselves, so important!