Jul 5, 2012

For Your Little Curators: a D.I.Y. Dollhouse Art Gallery

Barbie doll will be sooooo excited about this one! Yes she will because once your kids make this, you will have just majorly one-upped her trips to the mall in that fancy pink plastic car! 
You know why? 
Because you will now be adding some cultural activities to her schedule!
You hear that Mattel? We want our dolls to be smart (and to stop focusing so much on their appearances, but that's a whole other story!)

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes! The dollhouse art gallery!

Want to make one?

Materials Needed:
Cardboard Box
Foam board or card stock paper (for the artwork)
Markers, crayons, paints (for the artwork)
Self-adhesive velcro

Step 1
Open a cardboard box out (use an exact knife to cut the edges) and paint the inside back. 

Step 2
Stick double sided velcro onto the painted cardboard.

Step 3
Create artwork on foam board (cut into small squares) or on card stock paper then apply the other side of the velcro on the back. 

Step 4
"Hang" your art and switch it all around as you please!

Go wild with your inner curating skills!

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Holyoke Home said...

AMAZING!!!!! Love this idea! If I had kids, I would totally do this.

Sandra said...

This is such a cute idea - simple and doable.

Sue said...

Sure. And why not??

They're all stars, right?


Caroline said...

Holyhoke--you would totally ROCK this.

Sandra--yes, VERY simple, very doable. Honestly, that's all I can handle so I figure it's all other busy moms can handle too!

Sue--All of them. Every. single. one. :)

Paloma said...

So cute! And great idea! Very creative!

small + friendly said...

You are a craft genius! This looks like so much fun I don't think I can wait for my little one to be old enough. I need to make one myself! And I love your note to Mattel!

Jen C said...

AHH! Love this!

Leslie said...

This is adorable. I am not crafty, but my seven-year-old often announces, "I am going to do a craft now." She will love this idea.