Aug 6, 2012

Family Photobooth Summer Finale!

We're still having fun at the lake and since I'm on a photobooth kick, I thought I would give you one last (I promise it's my last!) summer family photo fun idea. You can do this with your family at a Lake House, a Beach House--any house! All you need is a bed sheet with a fun pattern, a few wigs, some fun hats and plenty of family personality!

The Set-up:

Hang a sheet over a clothesline with clothespins or drape it over a door then close the door. Use "props" you would find around a vacation house: goggles, party hats, straw hats and maybe even some funny wigs. Inflatable rafts and other objects you'd find at a vacation house also make fun props.

Next, snap some pictures of the family having fun, then edit your pictures online withsome fun effects.

 Lastly, print out your pictures then give to friends or frame them so you can always remember your vacation!

The Backdrop:
 a sheet hung on a clothesline. What could be more vacation-easy? 

The props: 
fun wigs, hats, goggles, or anything else you have around!

Tweaking your pictures:

After you snap your pictures, edit them online using a fun filter for a unique effect. 

The result? Totally adorable photobooth-syle shots of your vacation-relaxed family!

What better way to remember the fun time you had just being together? 

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Susan Anderson said...

These are tonsa fun, Caroline!


Rebecca said...

Looks like a lot of fun :)

Your kids are getting so big :)

rebecca said...

Just realized that my comments aren't linking to my blog :(

Paloma said...

FUN!!! :) that's a great idea!

Unknown said...

This tutorial is great, and we'd love to feature it (and even a few others) on as a how-to. Interested? Feel free to email me at for more info.