Aug 20, 2012


Friends, in the past, I had resisted joining Instagram, for reasons you can find in this WSJ article-- ironic, I know, coming from a blogger. Kind of laughable, really and if you read the article you'll see why! But, this weekend I finally caved to Instargram because we got an iPhone. And the filters are so pretty, people. They are so pretty!

Let me just say--now I understand all the hype, my friends. Now I do. I'm somewhat of a photo filter connoisseur (you may have witnessed my love for all the  PicMonkey photo filters?) and I have to say that Instagram has some pretty amazing filters. They make just about any image look gorgeous.

Nerdy experiment I conducted today:

I tested the Instagram filters to learn more about them by taking a picture of my ceiling (can you see I take my photo tweaking seriously?) and then applying each filter to each blank canvas, one by one. Fascinating? Okay, maybe not. And the kids thought it was pretty lame too. But I did conclude that each filter is different (not just named something clever) and each one has unique properties. A true invention? Probably not. Real innovation? Meh. But some very cool effects indeed!

You can see one of my first Instagram pictures here if you'd like.

And you can follow me if you want to see some of what goes on behind the scenes here--I'm salsapie. Easy enough to remember, right?

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Rebecca said...

I don't really have a smartphone so I'm still in the dark ages and still don't get it....but give it 20 years and maybe I'll catch up. :)

Unknown said...

Be careful! I had to delete the app from my phone b/c I was neglecting my children. I'm only kind of joking. I think I have some obsessive compulsive tendencies...for real. It is awesome though, and I miss it, and now that you're on it I'm really bummed that I'm not much anymore. :(

Lisa said...

Caroline, I too have been shying away from Instagram and just started using it last week on our trip. I'm still not quite comfortable using it (why is that?? I think it may be the instant sharing bit I'm shying away from), but I agree that the filters are really quite amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photographs!

Caroline said...

Rebecca--it's hard to keep up! If our Sprint service hadn't sent us a iPhone (we'd been customers for 12 years and they made a big mistake on one of our bills so to apologize, they offered us a free iPhone) we'd never have done this.

Jenny--Oh no! I know you're just kind of joking, but I have read how that can happen! Gil and I are sharing the phone so I don't have it all the time plus, our house is SOOO tiny and we're here all the time (aka a family of homebodies) so after awhile, I'm sure followers would get sick of pictures of our socks and art projects! ;) Good to note though.

Lisa, Aren't the filters great? I think they are pretty cool. I look forward to your pictures too! :)

Susan Anderson said...

I should join, too. I take a lot of photos on my iphone and end up having to do lots of editing on iphoto.

Kind of a pain, and maybe the filters would help.


Shannon said...

Love instagram way more than Facebook or Twitter or any other social media black hole. In fact it raises a question I've been pondering. I want to quit facebook. I find it hard because I have my business linked there and a few groups I use but really I want to quit it!!! Ugh!wOuld love to hear your thougts on FB/Social media.....
Welcome to the instagram world!

Caroline said...

Lisa, isn't it FUN?! I can't wait to see more of yours!! xo

Sue--You should join! It's seriously WAY less tme consuming than uploading pics. And the only was I can see it sucking time and being a distraction from real life is if you are using all your daylight hours commenting on other people's pictures? If you just want to share--you just snap and share! It takes seconds!

Shannon, as of now, I see Twitter and FB as pretty important social media tools to grow any kind of online business. I have different audiences on each (with some overlap) but some people prefer Twitter over FB and Pinterest and Instagram over the others so if you have a presence in all of them it helps. A short tweet or FB link to your latest work only takes seconds.
Let me ask you this--do you want o quit Fb and twitter because it's taking too much time? Or you don't like what you see there? If so maybe you can just limit your presence there to just simply sharing links to your photography? Just some thoughts. :) xo