Aug 23, 2012


my "work" area also known as a corner of my home filled with random things.

Hi friends! I'm signing off early this week and getting to work! I have a few project-related deadlines and the kids start school on Monday. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Here are some great links for you:

THE coolest robots on the planet for your kids ever wondered what to give as a birthday present? here you go!

I love these printable dominos for kids by the talented and lovely Mer Mag.

Liz always has great features on her blog! I love this window painting idea!

Ready to harvest your fall tomatoes? Here are some great ideas for you. 

Some great photography of the fashion show at BlogHer this year.

I love these prints SO much by the talented Miranda Makes.

When I first started blogging I met a super cool blogger. We became friends and we still are. I'm having coffee with her here.

Ever heard of an invisible bicycle helmet? It's real!

What to do if you couldn't make it to Alt Summit NYC.

See you next week!

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Susan Anderson said...

That invisible bike helmet is so cool. And those women who came up with it are even cooler!


Paloma said...

Nice links! Thank you! ;)

Paloma said...

Thank you for adding me to the links! ;) It's great to have coffee with you! as I said... we love international blends! :) ... I'll be e-mailing you soon! (got your message) Big hugs!

Caroline said...

Thanks Sue and Paloma--have a great weekend!!