Sep 6, 2012

10 Days 10 Lives: Day 1

Day 1 of 10 Day Challenge for

Hi friends. That's my hand in the image above, doing something I do every single day: getting a drink of water from my kitchen sink. But right now, as you read this, almost 1 billion people lack access to clean water. 

What would YOUR life be like without access to running water? 

So, for 10 consecutive days, along with a group of Mission List bloggers, I'll be talking about WATER here on Salsa Pie. As a team we'll be raising money for's 10 Day Challenge Campaign for the people of Haiti. And guess what? YOU can help me. Do you know how? 

1. By telling people about the global water crisis and that there is a solution and they can help. 

2.  By sharing a link to this blog post and telling people to donate to 

Each $25 that we raise will provide one person access to water FOR LIFE. 

Please share, pin, tweet, and use your voice online and tell people:

donations to can be made here

Thank you. 

Love, Caroline

p.s. Need any more convincing? Watch this:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Caroline, for posting this!


Caroline said...

Thank YOU, Lauren for reading this.


Susan Anderson said...

Okay, I haven't written a post yet, but I have put a link on my blog today and will try to write something of my own this week.


Caroline said...

Sue, thank you ALWAYS for all of your help with everything. Any link is of help because in sharing about this, we are helping!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I did not participate and write a blog post BUT i just donated to the cause. thank you for all your hard work. This is so important.