Sep 15, 2012

10 Days 10 Lives: Day 10

THANK YOU, friends! Thank you for your support. Today is the last day of our campaign.

Today is Day 10 of the 10 Day Challenge. Our team raised enough money to provide 113 people access to clean water for life. To see all the wonderful work that each blogger did for this campaign, you can access the Pinterest page for the campaign here. I'm so proud of our efforts!

But, since the campaign is not over yet, please know you can still make a donation. Our fundraising page can be found here

I  also would love for YOU to take the challenge on your own and/or encourage someone you know to do so. Just think, sitting behind your keyboard, you'll have the opportunity to help change a person's life! Please consider taking the challenge it only takes a few moments to sign-up and then you just need to do what you do every single day: network with the people you love.

p.s. If you take the challenge, you could win a trip to the field with!

I would also like to say a very special thank you to all of the amazing The Mission List bloggers who participated in this campaign. When I first had the idea to gather a group of bloggers and launch a campaign to raise awareness about the global water crisis, I had no idea it would take shape in this way and I have been trilled at the enthusiasm from the blogging community. Our voices are tremendous and we are making a difference!

You can too!

Love, Caroline
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Susan Anderson said...

Hurray! Great rewards for all your efforts, Caroline.


Unknown said...

This was an awesome and inspiring thing to be a part of... thank you so much for including me, Caroline! I'm so proud of all of us! XO

Caroline said...

Jenny and Sue thank you both so much for your hard work and support with this campaign.

He changed the lives of 114 people!!

Love, Caroline