Sep 12, 2012

10 Days 10 Lives: Day 7

For 10 days I am writing about the global water crisis here on my blog. In an effort to raise money for, along with a team of incredible Mission List bloggers, I am donating my voice about this crisis and the solutions that exist. For just $25 we can bring one person water for life. You can make a donation to our team fundraising page here. 

Day 7 of 10 Day Challenge for

Today is day 7 of the Challenge. In almost 7 days we have raised enough money for for 69 human beings to have access to clean water for the rest of their lives. 

But, our goal is to provide water for 100 people. And I won't stop until that happens. Any donation amount helps and do you know what also works? Sharing a link to our donation page and asking others to pitch-in. Every $25 we raise brings one person water for life. 

Would you consider sharing the link to our donations page and asking people to make a difference. Your help can change lives. 

Our fundraising page is here. 

Thank you!

Love, Caroline

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Susan Anderson said...

And the word for the day is water!

Hope you're raising enough to fund lots of it!!


Caroline said...

We are thanks to people like YOU, Sue!!