Sep 13, 2012

10 Days 10 Lives: Day 8


It's with a heart full of gratitude that I announce to you that our Mission List team of bloggers not only met our goal, but we exceeded it. At the time of this post, because of our team efforts, 107 people will now have access to water for life.

But our mission doesn't end here.

I also want YOU to get involved. I want YOU to take the challenge. The 10 Day Challenge for is not over until the end of September so there is still time for you to Take the Challenge on your own, network with your friends and change lives forever.

To make a donation to our page please visit this link . Just because we've met our goal, doesn't mean the crisis is over and there are still many more people who can benefit from your generosity.

To Take the Challenge on your own, please go here.

p.s. Do you see the picture above? The one with all the zillions of water bottles? Another way to support would be to purchase a reusable water bottle called the CamelBak Groove bottle. $10 from every purchase supports

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Well done, team!!