Sep 16, 2012

diy: geo triangle artwork

Have you seen all the great triangle patterns on everything these days? I loooooove the geometric trend going on right now! Bold, contrasting patterns are always my favorite. But because I'm a busy mom, by the time I notice new design trends--they normally pass! 

One thing I've found that helps me enjoy a fun trend (without investing much in it) is making something myself, inspired by the said trend! I normally spend way less or nothing when I use things around my house! Case in point: I made this artwork with copy paper and a sharpie marker! By the way, a sharpie marker is the best kept DIY secret in town!

Tip: if you want to get your kids involved  in this project (because they could TOTALLY make this!) give them a regular maker (like a Crayola Magic Marker) and tell them to draw the triangles. I bet the sketchy result would look really cool!

DIY: Geometric Triangle Artwork

(rug from urban outfitters)

Materials Needed: 

Copy Paper
Inexpensive Black Frames
A Black Sharpie Marker (big people) or Black Crayola-type Magic Marker (little people)


Draw triangles and color them in. Frame when finished. 

I know! Can you believe I even made a blog post about this?

Repeat until you have a collection:
There you have it!


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Sandra said...

Love how the kids AREN'T using the Sharpie! Hah!

And don't you like too how kids make such beautiful lines and shapes? We are all so stiff and perfect and ruler-y as adults and kids make THE best spontaneous mark.

Love the Orla tea towel...

Caroline said...

I KNOW Sandra--m y worst nightmare is one of my children with a sharpie marker! Ha! Actually that HASD happened. On our old refrigerator--my (then 2 year old-she's now 3) went to TOWN. It never came off. Bleh.

And I DO love how spontaneous their work is! Always better than ours when you think about it.

thanks foe the compliment on my tea towel! It's from Target! :)

Caroline said...

and because I'm slightly neurotic:

I meant--"HAS" not "HASD"

and "for" not "foe"

That's what I get for trying to multi-task! :)


Susan Anderson said...

To be honest, I'm not into the geometric things that's going on lately, but I have to admit that you do it well.


Caroline said...

Sue--I love your honesty. And I totally get it!! It's definitely a bold look! And the good news? I'll have no guilt when this design trend passes since I only used copy paper and a sharpie!


leigh hewett said...

It looks so good, popping off at that orange wall.