Sep 3, 2012

DIY: Permanent Marker Painted Tray

The two things I most love about making things are feeling inspired and challenging myself to be resourceful. And, I feel like (or at least I hope!) that I'm setting an example for my children who are always watching me. I hope I'm teaching them to be innovative. I think when we (even purposefully) limit our resources, we think of new ways to create. Don't you?

So, for example,  if you use only a single colored marker to decorate something you'll have to think of unique ways to use that single color, right?

Inspiration is all around all all of the time and so are endless possible craft projects. For today's DIY project, I'm using a sharpie marker and a recyclable plastic tray. Here's how you can too:

When finished you can use your tray for whatever you please, such as this:

 or this:


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Susan Anderson said...

Believe it or not, this would be hard for me. I'm not too good with straight lines of any kind, and I think you are a marvel that you made that pattern work out and fit as well as you did.

I think my tray would have to be a little more abstract. (A scribble tray?!)



PS. Yours is really cute.

Caroline said...

Thanks Sue! I feel the same way when I read your poetry! I can't imagine being able to steing words together as artfully as you. And for the record, I feel pretty sure your tray would look great!!

Caroline said...

Oops see? I proved my point! I meant STRING words together! :))

Unknown said...

You are a DIY machine! I am always amazed and inspired by your creativity!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute tray!

Caroline said...

Carla--thank you, friend! Ha! Sometimes I feel like a MOM-machine: packing lunches driving the kids everywhere! :)

Secret Mom Thoughts--Thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that as an idea for special plates for an outdoor party.