Sep 28, 2012

Print Your Own Fabric for Throw Pillows

I've always been of the opinion that if a throw pillow isn't comfortable, it kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think? I mean, after all throw pillows are meant for family-movie-night-snuggles and afternoon naps on the sofa. 

So, determined to craft the softest pillow on the planet,  I set out to find the softest fabric. And just what did I find? An old soft white sheet. So what did I do? I hatched a plan and I turned that soft white sheet into a fabric canvas to make my own throw pillow covers.

Want to know how? Aww, shucks. I thought you'd never ask!

Materials Needed:

A soft white sheet that you can cut into for your fabric canvas 
Black fabric paint (Look for Matte black)
A cork
A Magic eraser

Sewing Machine and Thread


First I measured my pillows and cut out enough fabric to make slip covers for each one. I used this tutorial to make my pillow covers. But before I began sewing, I "printed" my fabric.

Here's How:  I used a magic eraser as a stamp for the triangle patterned fabric (use my tutorial here to show you how) and a cork as a stamp for the circle printed fabric using the same technique I used here. 

Once I stamped my fabric, I allowed it to dry (about 30 minutes in the sun) then I began sewing my covers. 

What were the results of the final experiment? Well, let's just say the super soft sheet made super snuggly pillows. See for yourself: 

Perfect. Just what I wanted. Snuggly, soft, nap-worthy pillows.

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Unknown said...

I adore them! What a great idea, I might have to try this on a larger scale, we need a new shower curtain and I have a white sheet....

Caroline said...

Thanks, Carla! I LOVE your style so I take that as a huge compliment!!

I think a shower curtain is a fabulous idea! And I was thinking too--so many people use down comforter (with a cover) and no top sheet these days that there are probably zillions of diy-ers out there with random top sheets in their closets! Print away DIY-ers! Print away! :)