Oct 11, 2012

Happy Weekend and Links

Hi everyone! I'm signing off early again this week too because my whole entire crew has been under the weather. All four of my children have been home with fevers and upset tummies. Boo! A BIG Halloween BOOOO to that!

Thankfully, we have been making the best of it with lots of fun movies and colorful popsicles which I really think can "cure" just about anything. Actually, when you don't feel like eating anything else, what better than frozen juice, right? The good news is that everyone is feeling much better now!

You know what else makes everyone feel better? Great links around the web. Here are my picks for the week.

Amazing advice for any creative straight from the mouth of actor and artist, Viggo Mortensen here. 

Put. A. Label. On. IT! 

Awesome Halloween movies reviewed by kids!

DIY boxer briefs for your little one!

I love how Balloons were used for this Strongman costume for kids!

I love this! Up-cycle your clothing and make the kids something awesome!

Letters from 1942. 

Photography, Composition and Photoshop

These D.I. Y. Larbars looks insanely awesome!

10 Healing Foods for the Daily Diet

Great ideas for grocery shopping

Clever! Creepy Crawly DIY Insect Lamp!

Happy Weekend!
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Sandra said...

Thanks for including the Viggo linkety link. I am STILL thinking about what he said.

Celina said...

Thank you soooo much for adding me to your list!!! Am I allowed to say "I love you"? Oh well I just did :)have a great week...

Jill V said...

Why thank you! xo