Oct 19, 2012

Happy Weekend and Links

Do you have big plans for the weekend? As you might remember, we were all sick last week so this weekend we're just enjoying feeling better. Working on Halloween costumes is a collaborative effort in my house so we'll be all participating in that. Otherwise, just the basic family weekend stuff: playing a little outside--the weather is amazing here now and maybe we'll make a pizza and watch a fun family movie.

This week was full of fun stuff on the interwebz. I've got the scoop for you right here:

Mom it forward was kind enough to name me Mom of the Day! Thanks Mom it Forward! 

My new favorite blog on the whole entire planet.

5 Classic Halloween Games.

How to give your work that edge!

The delectable soup we needed last week!

A kindred crafty spirit who just so happens to be the most amazing crafter on earth. Hands down.

This is what I consider to be genius Halloween decorating.

Punky Pink Photobooth (picture adapted from that above) is here. 
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Susan Anderson said...

How do you do those cool, shifting pictures!



Caroline said...

Sue, I use Makeagif.com It's free online. There is a way in photoshop too but I don't have photoshop...yet! :) I'll email you later!