Oct 18, 2012

Make Your Own: Robot Hands

Costume making shouldn't be complicated and honestly, it should be SO easy that kids can do it themselves. These days, I'm seeing lots and lots of tutorials online, completely adorable tutorials online for costume making. You know what though? I'd love to see more costumes and accessories that the kids can actually make for themselves by themselves. My kids are not quite at that age yet, but soon enough they will be and I hope to encourage them to scout-out their own dress-up duds for Halloween.

Well guess what? This project? Totally DIY-Kid worthy and best suited for ages 8 and older (if you use a hot glue gun) or 6 and older (if you use fabric glue). 

Want the full scoop? I thought you'd never, ever ask.

But before we begin, if it wasn't already obvious:

DIY Robot Hands:
Suggest Age: 6 and older

Materials Needed: 
White knit gloves (we found these in the dollar bin at the craft store) 
Blue felt
Red Felt
Fabric Glue (for smaller children)  or
Hot glue and a Hot Glue Gun (for adults or older kiddos)

Step 1
Snip from your blue felt 12 small squares approximately 3/4" by 3/4 "  We just eyeballed the size of ours but if you wish you can measure the size of the fingers of the glove and snip to suit those measurements. 
Cut from your red felt one circle about 3/4 " in diameter
Cut from your blue fabric one rectangle about 3/4" by 3" 
Cut from your red fabric one rectangle about 3/4 " by 3"

Set the fabric shapes aside. 

Step 2
Lay your glove to the side of your shapes of felt and start arranging the shapes onto the fingers of each glove.  Design as you please, but we tried to arrange the shapes in a way that looked good to us. 
Step 3
Once you have your felt shapes arranged as you please, begin gluing them on. If you use fabric glue, you will need to allow drying time afterwards. Using hot glue, don't press down so hard that the glue seeps through. Felt is very absorbent so you only need to gently press down when using hot glue to affix the felt to the knit glove. 

Your gloves are now complete and you can get ready to show your best robot moves!

Do the robot dance! Do the robot dance! Work it! Work it!

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leigh hewett said...

Totally adorable!

Susan Anderson said...

This is one of my favorite ideas you've had, not just the robot hands themselves, but the idea that kids should make their own costumes. That's exactly what dressing up should be...a totally creative effort on every level.

What fun!


Caroline said...

Thanks Leigh! :)

Sue, Thank you! I knew you would "get" that aspect of this project. I'm trying to make sure all my crafty ideas FOR the kids don't replace things they really should be doing on their own. Behind the scenes at my house, there are lots of random art and craft projects going on, fully directed by the kids--including last's nights pumpkin face designing and carving. Of course, I did the carving, but I have my oldest daughter (age 6) a marker and let her draw the face totally solo. She was SO proud!


Paloma said...

WOW! Such a great and fun idea! Thanks for sharing Caroline!

Sandra said...

I SOOO agree about having the kids do the work. There are some amazing crafts out there but it is SO obvious that the adult would need to do all of it. How much fun is watching the grown up do the work???? Umm....zero fun.

Unknown said...

More brilliance. I've come to expect this from you... and you never disappoint. ;-)

Amber_D said...

Super clever! I wish I could make my kids' costumes instead of going with store bought. They always want to be a character from television instead of something classic like a robot.

Brittni said...

I love these Caroline. What a clever idea for Halloween and/or winter. I would totally rock a pair of these.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute and fun for grade school kids. I was wondering if you ever thought about using glow in the dark material, or blacklight material. It they have it in felt...that would be awesome! Am going to look for it and see...my class would love to do it in blacklight.