Oct 24, 2012

Maker Feature: Jen Gronick

I'm starting a new series beginning today. It's called Maker Feature and it's about all the creative people online I meet that love to make things. If you're a maker and you want me to feature you, email me salsapie (at) gmail (dot) com. I'd love to hear from you!

Jen Gronick of Experience The Wonderful is not only a fabulous mother, but she's also an incredibly talented maker of all things beautiful and yummy. Jen blogs about her family and their adventures on her blog and also shares amazing recipes, tips and projects.

Today on her blog, Jen will be showing you how to turn an ordinary Ikea canopy into something really special. I love that she calls a project like this "frosting"! See? Don't you just love her already. Well, head on over to Experience the Wonderful and Pin away-- you'll love this one.

Thanks Jen. You are one talented lady!
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Jill V. said...

Love this new column! I am a maker, but as YOU KNOW I have no time!


Susan Anderson said...

I fear I will never be one of your guest "makers."

Never say never, but... *sigh*
I am just not crafty.