Oct 23, 2012

Why I Support President Obama

Dear friends,

Today I am sharing publicly with you why I have made the decision to support President Obama for a second term. But before I share my list of reasons with you, I'd like to tell you that this is the first time I have ever discussed politics openly on my blog. I've largely tried to keep this a neutral place because I want you to feel and know that I respect the diverse opinions of my readers. We live in such a great country where we have the right to express ourselves and our opinions. We have the greatest freedom of all--the freedom of speech. Today I am exercising that freedom so that you may better know the voice behind this blog.

First, let me start by saying that one of the many reasons that I am supporting President Obama for a second term has to do with his healthcare reform.  In 2007 I was diagnosed with a heart valve defect that will require a surgery to repair or replace my valve. Faced with that surgery in the near future, I am a big proponent of a plan for our country that ends insurance company abuses and makes healthcare more affordable. The President's plan does just that. 

I am also voting for President Obama because I would like my children to know what it's like to live in a country of peace. We have been at war for their entire lifetimes. My heart is sad when I think of this fact. President Obama said he would end the War in Iraq and he did. I admire that and I admire our troops.

I believe with President Obama we are moving forward as a nation and that is the only direction I am interested in heading.


Now, get out and vote! Exercise your right! Blog about it if you wish. If you support President Obama too, you can join me in using this hashtag when you tweet #BlogForObama

Love, Caroline

p.s. I'd love to hear your views too! Please feel free to express them in the comment section below. I want to always make this a welcoming place for discussion. I believe that if our opinions differ, we can agree to disagree and still respect each other's opinions. :)
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Living on Love said...

YES! Thank you for posting this, Caroline. It's important.

Caroline said...

Thank you so much for your support Lacy!

Anonymous said...

If I could, I would support President Obama for his health care initiatve. Unfortunately, my conscience just won't let me pull the lever because of his positions on abortion and the HHS mandate. I am also very, very troubled about the drone issue and wonder what you think about that--it's not what I would have expected from someone whom I think of as a compassionate man who wants peace. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and letting me share mine. :-)

Rebecca said...

Nothing gets me more excited than when I think about the future of our healthcare when led by President Obama. I love what he has proposed. Sure it still needs a little work but doesn't EVERYTHING need a little work?

I was speaking with one of the parents from Joey's preschool. She grew up in Scotland. She still has citizenship in Scotland (her daughter was born in Scotland and her son was born here).

She explained how she visits family in Scotland for about a month or two every summer and I asked her about the healthcare there vs the healthcare that Obama is wanting enact here.

It was an awesome conversation and I learned a lot from her and after hearing what she said (coming from a country that has government ran health insurance) I am 100% in favor of what President Obama is trying to get started.

leigh hewett said...

I am like you and avoid talking politics as well. I feel weird even discussing my views here.

Yet, I'm finding myself settling nicely into a more conservative viewpoint. I am socially liberal but fiscally conservative.

Once I gave birth to my sons, suddenly the economic world ahead for their generation became my top priority. In that vein, I find myself gravitating toward Libertarian perspectives. It's a shame that a vote for Gary Johnson is a wasted vote and I hate that we've settled to a 2 party race.

I respect your choice and your motivation for supporting Obama. Based on his record over the last 4 years and the state of our economy, I just can't give him my vote.

He has also violated one too many of our civil liberties. I'd like to give Romney a shot and see if he can do better.

For an interesting read, check out this piece written by John Cusack.


leigh hewett said...

PS I love you <3

Caroline said...

Leslie, Rebecca and Leigh, thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

Rebecca, I'm not surprised to know at all that you support Obama given your son's Joey's health issues. I think people (like you and me) who have experienced first hand hoe out of control the health insurance companies in this country are, can see how import reform is. Nobody should go broke because they can't afford healthcare.

Leslie--I need to read more about the Drone Program. I'm not a fan of any kind of war. Who is? During my pregnancy with my son I read EB Sledge's With The Old Breed. It's a heart wrenching and brutally honest look at what an infantryman experiences on the front lines. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/With_the_Old_Breed

But just because I am a pacifist doesn't mean that I expect our nation's President to be. I think you and I both know that foreign policy is largely written by think tanks and our President mostly serves as the instrument of those policies. That being said, President Obama appears to ME to be the most sensitive of the devastation of war as evidenced by his voting record. I don't like some of the Rhetoric I hear from Mitt Romney with regards to war.

Leigh--I TOTALLY hear you. I consider myself to be fiscally conservative (yet socially liberal too) I don't however think Romney would be a better solution. I think his experience in the private sector actually screams corporate welfare and that scares me.

Caroline said...

p.s. I love you too Leigh. And Leslie, And Lacy and Rebecca! :)

my3littlebirds said...

Thanks for this well thought out post, Caroline. I'm a (somewhat reluctant) Obama supporter myself.

I hadn't considered the fact that my children also don't know a life without war. I remember the impact that hearing that our country had entered the first Gulf war had on me- and I was 12.

Caroline said...

Thanks Mary Lauren! I feel like the choice is clear! Vote for him knowing you are helping to move our country forward. I really, really believe this!!

Anonymous said...

I will read your link and here is a good link (out of many) on the drone attacks for you, if you are interested. http://www.alternet.org/story/155723/i_met_a_16-year-old_kid._3_days_later_obama_killed_him?page=entire

My perhaps radical opinion is that ALL human life is sacred, and innocent Pakistani life is JUST AS IMPORTANT as innocent American life. I think that if we think people over there need killing, then we should send our soldiers over to do the job. That is what they are trained for. And maybe if we have to put our own people at risk, we will think about our choices differently.

I've become passionate about this issue because very few people are talking about it. Romney's camp probably approves, and thus don't want to call attention to it; and Obama supporters likely disapprove but think Romney would be just as bad. Which may be true, but if Obama's supporters don't call him out on this, who will?

Caroline said...

Leslie, who do you plan on voting for? Romney? If so how would HE better preserve human life? I'm just curious, when you hold a pacifist view (I do as well) who you think is the better pick based on this?

I think you can't agree with every single viewpoint of every candidate. At the end of the day you just have to vote as your heart dictates. Again, the rhetoric from the Romney camp and from Romney himself concerns me with regards to foreign policy.

Karoli said...

to lesliesholly,

I wanted to respond to your comment about drones. I respect your concerns about abortion, but am scratching my head a bit on HHS.

If we want Medicare around for us and our kids, we have to take an objective look at where the money is spent and why. This is why there's an "IPAB", which is really no different than what private insurers do when they set limits on which procedures, medications and the like they'll cover.

With that out of the way, let's talk about drones. No one likes the imprecision of drone strikes, but the alternative is worse. The fact is, there are bad people living in inaccessible places, and only two options to neutralize them: drones or troops. In the case of troops, it wouldn't be as simple as dropping in some Marines. The kind of training for that area would involve language training, terrain specialities and other training that only Special Forces have.

You say that a compassionate person wouldn't make the choice for drones. I say that when the decisions are difficult, as this one is, it is more compassionate to use drones than to see more of our young men and women die in rugged mountains where they're basically targets for any and all enemies.

And yes, we do have enemies, enemies who would have no compunction about using whatever tools were at their disposal to kill our young people in those mountains.

I wish, as do most of us, that we could come to an understanding with enemies. But sometimes that's just not possible, and difficult decisions have to be made. Drones are one of those.

Not everyone agrees with me. Most people don't, actually. But as one who has knowledge of that area, I will say that more lives are saved with drones than if we sent troops in there.

Take care!

Caroline said...


Thank you so much for your comment. It's great to have someone knowledgeable in this area able to provide such an articulate response.

I'm glad you were able to provide another viewpoint to such a thoughtful discussion that Leslie initiated. Leslie always asks great questions that engage me!

LeslieSholly said...


I will be blogging about my vote before the election. :-) And I do agree with you--Romney might well be worse on foreign policy.


Thank you for your insights. My objection to HHS is a religious freedom issue. I felt that the President's action regarding the contraceptive mandate was a slap in the face to all the progressive Catholic organizations which supported the Affordable Care Act.

I appreciate your comments on the drones and am glad to have the conversation. I certainly don't know everything about this or ANYTHING about the area. But that's part of my point--I would just like to see this issue TALKED about. Surely at the very least it deserves some discussion, like we are having here. :-)

Noodle said...

This is so brave of you, Caroline! I admire and respect you for expressing your views and inviting us to do so too, whether we agree with you or not.

I will be voting for Romney; I wasn't for or against him to begin with, but he's become my choice. There are many reasons why I've decided this way, and I'll just share a few: Obama believes that the government's role is much, much larger than I do; his record on the economy (which means he, by his own words, should be a one-term president) and other issues (where was he after his first election - not talking to the American people - he was enacting things like the bank bailouts, so quickly it made my head spin, and this makes his remarks about "more flexibility after the election," to the Russian leader, truly frightening; and he has not presented a plan for the next four years that is any different than the last four.
I share your experience of having major health issues, and I think tort reform would do more than anything else to make health care affordable. I also share your view that insurance co. abuses need major correction. That being said, I believe an improved economy would do the most to help out the uninsured. We ourselves are uninsured, due to my husband's unemployment.
Anyway, those are a few of my thoughts. Thank you for inviting us to share our opinions!

korinthia said...

I, too, was moved today to post about politics, which I really never do. Thank you for sharing your opinions.

Personally, I am amazed by the rhetoric in opposition to the health care reforms. Medical attention is not some crazy luxury that we are either worthy of or not. My husband and I had to pay for the birth of our first child completely out of pocket and it wiped us out. When I hear people complaining that access to health care for everyone will limit choices I think to myself, "What choices? Who are these people with choices?" Keeping health care reform on the right track is reason enough alone to vote for Obama for a second term.

Unknown said...

Hi Caroline, I read this and wanted to drop a note. My boyfriend is American and we have been talking about politics lately especially regarding Obama and Romney.

We Canadians talk about it often. I just wanted to mention that if I were able to vote in America, I would be voting for Obama as well, as would my family.

Great post and thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

I am 100% voting for Obama. Forward, indeed! Unless you are a white male who makes more than one million dollars a year and doesn't care about the environment I'm not sure what Romney has to offer. Not that I'm strongly opinionated about it or anything :). I'm not sure I am brave enough to blog about it. I get WAY too fired up!

Unknown said...

Hello, friend! I've made the choice to keep my views on politics out of my blog, but i totally respect you for sharing yours. I am a conservative, and always have been. There are so many reasons why. I totally agree that this country needs health care reform but I completely disagree with the way the President went about it. With the current debt we have gotten ourselves into the government cannot afford to take this on right now.
Anyway, there are many reasons why I have already voted for Romney and I just have to say here (and you know me, Caroline) that I am pretty tired of being characterized as hating the environment and wanting people to stay in poverty because I am a conservative. It's simply not true. I simply believe in small government. That's all. :)
You know I love you! And I love that we can have differing views and still work alongside one another and be friends!

Caroline said...

Jenny, I love you too and am so glad you spoke up and shared your views. You are one of the most environmentally conscious, and caring individuals I have ever met. I completely respect your political and am so glad we can just agree to disagree. You're a good friend.
Small + friendly--I think part of the issue many people have had with the Romney campaign is the fact that they failed to connect with a more diverse group of voters. I think that's a concern that the
Republican party recognizes, but (in my opinion too) they've failed to deliver when it comes to connecting with voters from many different backgrounds.

Justina--thanks so much for offering your opinion! I have many Canadian friends and can I just say--I love our neighbors to the north!

Diana--thank you for stopping by to offer your opinion. We may differ on who we are voting for in this election but one thing is for sure--we both understand that our healthcare system needs major correction. I wish you well in your health in the future, friend.

Korinthia--thanks for taking the time to stop by. You also posted a lovely post about this today and I think we look at this much in the same way.

Leslie, thanks always for your good spirit in these debates. I am eager to read your post about who you decide to vote for.

allison carmen said...

always good to share and speak your mind! Maybe someone reading your blog softened their view on healthcare reform knowing that their dear friend needs an operation one day. The other day I went for acupuncture and the Doctor treating me supported Romney. Although I did not agree with most of his views, he was so thankful that I listened to him (and not just because he was holding the needles!). It is so important that we listen to each other and hear one another's needs. I see that as the road to lasting change.

Maggie May said...

I am voting Obama mainly because of these: I truly believe he is an unusually intelligent, moral man who has a vision for America, because I am in line with almost if not all his social justice policies, because he has enacted SO much change- much that he promised- since he was elected, change that really matters to me and I believe shapes our entire country, like don't ask don't tell, pulling out of Iraq, making the possibly politically horrible decision to give the green light to kill Osama, posting ethnic women to high positions never held by them before, signing LIlly Ledletter act, supporting with financial policies college students and middle class families, and because I'd trust him to catch me with my eyes closed, but not Romney- literally and rhetorically.

Susan Anderson said...

I will be voting for Romney because I think our economy needs him desperately. He has a proven record of turning things around, and I have lost faith in Obama's ability to get our rollicking budget under control. What's more, Obama has an entirely different philosophy about government than I do. He is definitely more on the big government end of things.

Aside from political considerations, I should add that my decision this year has been easier to make than usual because I know a number of people who are good friends with Romney and have watched him lead both a ward and a stake for our church. They trust him implicitly to do what is right for our country. It's been reassuring for once to have direct knowledge of the candidate from people whose opinion I value. Usually it's such a leap of faith making a choice on either side.


Caroline said...

Allison and Maggie--thank you for your comments.

Sue, you are one of my dearest blog friends. I was hoping you would share your views here on this topic. I have no doubt Romney is a good man. I have never doubted this. I do however disagree with his approach to our foreign policy among other things.

I love how we have all been able to talk about our views here in such a decent way and I just wanted to thank all of my readers once again for taking the time to respond. This is normally not the topic here, but hopefully my piece here will encourage people to get out and vote!

ConnieFoggles said...

I've stepped out of my comfort zone to blog about my support of President Obama too. Bravo for doing so!

I share your view about the Affordable Health Care Act because I have seen too many people suffer without insurance.

As for the Drone issue, I'd much rather have Drones used than to add more military losses to the already outrageous numbers. If Gov. Romney were to become President, we don't know what he would do. His platform flip flops so much that I cannot trust him.

Anonymous said...

This has been an interesting conversation.....I'm glad I found it. It is disappointing though to still not find a decent argument FOR Romney. As a lifelong resident of Massachusetts who saw him try to become senator (and fail) and then become governor (because *gasp* his opponent was a woman). HE IS NOT IN THE LEAST BIT PRESIDENTIAL. And when he and his vice choice can easily dismiss close to half the population (by their words and policy goals) what the heck are you thinking?

My family is not a business..

And P.S. the economy IS turning around. Any downturn in this area for whatever reason has never been fixed quickly.

I am for one very frightened at the thought of a Romney/Ryan administration.

My vote is for Obama and I hope the rest of the country makes him their choice on tuesday too.