Nov 21, 2012

make: connect the dots artwork (with a sharpie!)

I'm not sure why I feel it's my mission to share with the world how to create your own artwork, but I do. And maybe it's in part because I really feel like our homes should reflect our personalities and we shouldn't have to take out a loan to make them feel stylish, unique and special. The coolest part about living in this century (in my opinion) is not just that everything is becoming more global (fashion, art, photography) but that the rules for style are much less rigid than in the past. And when rules become less rigid, that means we have more fun, right?

I made this "Connect The Dot" artwork with a sharpie marker in less than 15 minutes and you can too. Here's how.

All you'll need:
Sharpie Marker
Thick Art Paper (works best but any paper will do)
The ability to draw dots and lines

Let's get started.

Step 1
Cut your paper to the size of your frame (in my case I was using an oval frame which I tend to re-use a lot for whatever reason)

Step 2
Draw dots in any pattern on your paper. I practiced on another piece of paper first and sort of tried to repeat that same pattern, but seriously, any design will work!

Step 3
Begin drawing lines in one stroke from dot to dot

Step 4
Continue connecting all the dots, adding additional dots if you wish. As I was moving along, I did add an additional dot. Remember--no hard rules here! You're just connecting dots!

Step 5
Finish and frame!

The End!

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leigh hewett said...

I love your perspective and how simple you make ever project look,even though we both know that you work hard at what you do.

You make it look easy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, friend!

Susan Anderson said...

You are always do creative Caroline. And I like your thought that beautifying our homes need not be costly. Happy thanksgiving!


PS. If you can, check out my Christmas story for this year. I posted it early. Leave your volume on so you can hear the music okay?

Unknown said...

I love your mission! I feel so inspired to add self-made art to my home. I've always wanted a gallery style wall but lacked the funds to fill it. Until I met you and learned I don't have to be an "artist" to make great art :). Dots and lines? That, I can do, happily!

Anh | Feminine 23 said...

It looks simple yet the result turns out so great. Came here from Whimseybox :)