Nov 15, 2012

Make Dinner Fun with Storytelling Napkins!

Do you remember that old skit that maybe your great uncle used to tell it at the dinner table as your great aunt would roll her eyes, I think it was called "I Can't Pay the Rent"? 

Here's how it would go: while scrunching up the napkin to form a bow tie or a mustache (and then a hair bow for the female character) the storyteller would proceed with the skit, acting out each part with the napkin. As he/she would say the lines from each character he/she would move the napkin into position on the neck as the bow tie or under the nose for the mustache then on the head for the bow. As a child I loved this skit!

Well the project I envisioned for today is a modern spin-off of that old-time dinner table skit. 

Enter: (da da da daaaa!!!) The Storytelling Napkin!

Here are the looks: 

And here is how your little ones can play with the napkin:

Crazy like me and want to make one too?

Let's get started!

You Will Need:
A solid colored dinner napkin
Scrap fabric in assorted patterns and colors
Paper and Ink Pen or Pencil for Templates
Sewing Pins
Sewing Machine and Thread

Step 1
Note a standard dinner napkin folds into to form 8 sides so you will be making 8 looks. Here are some suggestions: glasses, lips, mustache, bow tie, neck tie, megaphone, hat, crown. Sketch the design of each look on paper (don't stress to make it perfect just the general shape will do) then pin onto your fabric.

Step 2
Cut your patterns out for each shape

Step 3
Pin each shape onto each of the 8 sides of your napkin (all on the same side)

Step 4
Sew along the edge of each shape sewing onto the napkin

You're done! You can be as creative or as basic as your wish!

Once you are finished each side will feature a cool look!

And when you fold your napkin out flat, it will look something like this:

Make snack time exciting or just add a fun element for a special dinner with the family and let your little ones go to town storytelling!

Silly Willy!

The End.

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Jen C said...

You're killing me! Love it! I wish my dinner table would have been as lively growing up. So fun.

Susan Anderson said...

Super cool idea, Caroline. You have to be raising the most creative kids ever! It will be so interesting to see where all of this wonderful early childhood experience takes them...


Paloma said...

Those look like a lot of fun! Do you ever run out of ideas? Love your creativity!

Anonymous said...

I love this! You are so creative. I think I am going to invite my young nieces and nephews over this weekend and have my daughters help them create some storytelling napkins. It probably won't look as great as yours, but it will be a great meal time!

Caroline said...

Jen, Sue, Paloma and Allison--thanks so much. :)

So far, I've only made one napkin--but Allison that is SUCH a great idea to have the kids come over and make their own. I think you could even make the designs probably much easier than this with a fabric paint pen or freezer paper (by making your own stencils) and fabric paint. Originally that was my plan but somehow one evening I was just in the mood to sew! :)

Unknown said...

I love love love this! When can I come to dinner?

Jill Dorsey || Made with Moxie said...

I love it! We totally did "you must pay the rent" at the dinner table! I was starting to think my Cioc made it up since no one else knew what I was talking about.

Unknown said...

Caroline, this is so much fun! I love it... keep that one tucked away in "the notes".

leigh hewett said...

You need your own line, no, you need an entire craft aisle dedicated to your projects at Hobby Lobby. Seriously!