Nov 20, 2012

Make: Paint Chip Gift Tags on Terra Savvy

Visit me on Terra Savvy today--we're making gift tags! I'm loving the look of this holiday season already emerging online: grays and browns mixed with bursts of neon pinks and greens are popular combinations. To create a similar look when gift wrapping, you can use Kraft paper (or even recycled paper packaging as a smart option) and finish off the look with simple string ties and neon colored paint chips for your gift tags!

With this simple project, you can rock your holiday gift wrapping sessions and all you need are paint chips and a sewing machine!

I made about 10 tags in less than 10 minutes. Here's how you can too:

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Cute idea.

leigh hewett said...


Noodle said...

I'd even add trunks to the trees, in a different color, perhaps - depending on the use. It might be nice for the kids to add them if they want a more traditional look.
Thanks for the ideas!

Caroline said...

Leigh and SMT--thanks, ladies! :)

Noodle--that is a GREAT idea!!