Nov 9, 2012

MAKE IT: slumber party play-pillow

Do your kids have slumber parties? We are not quite there yet (everyone in our crew is still quite young) but from what I hear, that very well may be something in our future! 

I had this idea that I thought would work really well for a slumber party: a pillow you can make into a play-mat. In other words, you would be making a play-pillow! 

So, using fabric paint I painted on some legs and then made different shoes out of felt! I had so much fun with this project, trying to think of different shoe designs (HUGE props to shoe designers everywhere--it is no easy feat!) and the finished project was a big hit with the kids too. 

Here's how you can also make a Slumber Party Play-Pillow:

Materials Needed: 
One solid colored pillow-case
Black Fabric Paint
Freezer paper and an ink pen and an X-acto knife (to make the stencil)
thread and sewing machine

Making the Pillow Cover Design

Step 1
First I drew the shape of legs and feet onto some freezer paper (I used a design on my daughter's favorite T-shirt for inspiration) I used a regular ink pen to sketch the design.

Step 2
Next, I cut out the design to form the stencil then ironed the stencil onto my pillow case, waxy side down with the iron on the DRY setting.

Step 3
After slipping some cardboard inside the pillow case (so the paint wouldn't leak through to the backside) I began painting the stencil with black fabric paint and a brush.

Step 4
I removed the stencil and allowed the design to dry. Next I removed the cardboard from the inside of the stencil!

Making the Felt Shoes

Step 1
This part was fun! Let your imagination go wild and the kids even helped me here! Lay freezer paper on top of your design and trace the legs to from the type of shoes you'd like to make. For this example, I'll show you how I made the yellow boots.

Step 2
Remove the paper and cut out your design. To save time I cut through two pieces of felt since I was going to be sewing them together to form the shoes. You could insert cardboard inside your shoes, but then if you even wanted to wash them, it might not do well.

Step 3
Once you have your shoes cut-out lay them on top of the design and see how they fit.

Step 4
Sew the two pieces of felt together and create designs with your thread to decorate the shoes if you wish of cut out shapes to design the shoes and sew them on!

You're done! Now you can tuck a pillow inside your case and give all the shoe designs to your little
one for a fun little slumber party or even a pretend one at home!

Let the Slumber Party Begin!
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Susan Anderson said...

I have a feeling slumber parties at your house are going to be VERY popular!


Unknown said...

What a cute and unique idea!

Kelley said...

Very nice!

Paloma said...

That's so cool! And it has your "stamp" all over it Caroline! ;) Hugs!

Unknown said...

What an adorable idea!

Caroline said...

Thanks everyone! This was definitely a hit with everyone!! :)

Stacy of KSW said...

ok, this is the sweetest thing ever!

Unknown said...

Terrific project! Our readers at would absolutely adore this. Thanks for the idea!