Dec 10, 2012

DIY for Kids: Holiday Soda Cap Arrangement on Classic Play

Do your kids get into the holiday spirit with you and love decorating? Well, here's a little DIY for your kids on Classic Play. We made whimsical little soda cap flowers for a fun and funky holiday arrangement. I love soda cap crafts! Bottle caps are so sculptural and remind me of little miniature pie pans, don't you think? 

For the full tutorial, head on over to Classic Play
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Susan Anderson said...

Can't believe it.
Soda cap crafts!

I'll have to check it out...


Susan Anderson said...

Now I want to hear the rest of that post you published then unpublished. If you decided not to post it, please email me with details.

I need to know what to pray for and when! That's what friends do, right?


Anonymous said...

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his little lady said...

Love this little DIY project. So adorable!!
xo TJ