Dec 27, 2012

family diy: party hats

2012 has been an amazing year for me here at Salsa Pie. I'm going to send you off into the new year with a Family Craft Project for making New Year's Eve Party Hats. It's one part recycle (use those old party hats you've got stashed in the closet) and another part Kraft paper, school glue and pipe cleaner action. 

I like the idea of getting the whole family involved in making these. While working on them you can talk about the year that's coming to a close and make resolutions for the new one. 

But before we jump into our project, I'd like to thank you for being a reader, either longtime or new, thank you for your support and for stopping by to visit and poke around. You are always, always welcome and I wish you the very best 2013!

Now, let's get to our Family Craft Project!

Materials Needed:
Party Hats (we recycled old birthday hats)
Brown Kraft Paper
School Glue
Hot Glue and Hot Glue gun
Pipe Cleaners

Step 1
You can do this two ways: Option 1--Roll out the brown Kraft paper and decorate it with markers OR, Option 2---trace the party hat (folded out) then decorate the inside. We used both methods.

Step 2
Unfold the party hat and lay flat then trace the party hat onto your decorated Kraft paper.

Step 3
Once your trace your hat onto the Kraft paper, cut it out. 
Step 4
Glue the Kraft paper onto the outside of the party hat.

The kids preferred the method of tracing the hat then decorating inside the tracing.

Step 5
Using your pipe cleaners, create shapes: stars, zig-zags, diamonds, or even pom-pom-ish sprigs. Attach a small piece of the pipe cleaner to the shape by twisting it around the base of the shape or center of the pom-pom them attach to the opening of the top inside of the hat (folded flat) using hot glue.

Pro Tip: so you won't burn your fingers, cut out small strips of kraft paper to use to press down onto the pipe cleaner shape and hot glue once you apply it.

Step 6
Close your hat using hot glue and you are ready to go! Optionally you could replace the elastic band on the hat with ribbon. We left the elastic band and used the hats as they were. 

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Unknown said...

This is brilliant! My son loves party hats, we will be making these for sure! Happy New Year!

LessonPlans-CraftGossip said...

I LOVE the idea of a 'Family Craft' :) Just posted about your fun hats on Craft Gossip! Happy New Year!!

Kate said...

Very cute!! <3

Caroline said...

Thanks so much everyone!! Happy Happy New Year! :)

Rebecca D. Dillon said...

These are so cute!

Susan Anderson said...

Cutest thing I've seen in a while!