Dec 21, 2012

Holiday Gift Idea: Cookies in Jar on The Southern Institute!

Before I officially take my holiday break, I am sharing a super simple packaging idea with you. During the holidays I bet you have plenty of gorgeous glass jars hanging around and what else do you have? You have cookies! Loads of cookies you are making, right? How about packaging them in mason jars with a little jingle added to the top? Sound like a plan?

Well, sleigh ride on over to The Southern Institute where I walk you through how to put these together, step by step.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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1 comment:

Susan Anderson said...

Not only a good presentation, but the cookies look delish!

Merry Christmas, Carolline. If you get a chance, take a look at the Christmas story I posted today. It's not short, but I think you might find it sweet.