Jan 15, 2013

Kid Crafted Thank You Cards on Classic Play

When I was little I was taught there was just about nothing worse than bad manners. Sadly, I grew into an adult who isn't always 100% great about sending out "thank you cards".

That being said, I made a resolution that 2013 would be the year I would get better about this and starting with my kids. So, we crafted these Thank you cards for the kids to send out in response to acts of kindness sent our way.

Today I'm on Classic Play showing you how the kids made these. Come join us!
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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute thank yous.

Susan Anderson said...

I don't think I taught my kids the art of thank-you notes well enough. I am good at sending them myself, but I never really pushed them to do it Too bad I didn't have you to consult back then...