Jan 18, 2013

On Apartment Therapy

We're always thrilled to be on Apartment Therapy!  Yesterday they featured another one of our projects--remember the DIY Face Mat I made for the kids? The kids still love it and play with it often. It's been one of my favorite ideas. When I have a little more time, I'd like to make a whole series. I'll post about it and then perhaps use the mats for birthday gifts!

Anyway, to see our feature on Apartment Therapy, head over here.  Also, on that note, I've found this link for 10 budget minded crafts over there too. Great stuff! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Susan Anderson said...

This was one of my favorite crafts, too.

We got your card yesterday, by the way. Such a darling family you are!


Unknown said...

I love this idea! Just a quick thought, you could make these for emotions too like a frown face, happy face, ect. My son has some processing challenges and we're always looking for visual tools

Caroline said...

Mine too, Sue! So glad you got the card--thank you!! :)

Julia--that is a GREAT idea! I actually have lots of ideas for a series for this Face Mat but I had not thought about emotions. That's brilliant!