Feb 22, 2013

Craft Blogging with Kids and Last Installment: #MealtimeBootcamp!

Happy Friday everyone! Do you have big plans for the weekend? The kids just started swimming lessons (after we took a break for a year) and those are on the weekends so we'll be doing that. I was on   a swim team when I was little and loved it so I'm hoping to encourage them to love swimming to. At the very least, they will learn how to swim which is a great skill.

It also feels good to have an activity where we can all be active since we certainly do enjoy time indoors crafting. And as a craft blogger, as you know, there's a lot of that going on around here.  Today I'm talking about that on The Southern Institute and giving the inside scoop about how I accomplish what I do here, with kids afoot. You can read that here. 

Also today...guess what? It's the very last day of Mealtime Bootcamp and I'm talking with Sheri about portions. After Sheri's and I last chatted, I realized just how important mastering cooking the "right" amount is. Find out what I learned and give us your feedback on the series if you have a minute, right here. 
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1 comment:

Sue said...

Portions is probably my biggest failing. I inevitably cook too much food!