Feb 28, 2013


Perhaps my favorite thing in the world is to watch my children when they sleep. Aren't sleeping children amazing? So much energy when they are awake, and then once asleep it's so quiet.

I know I haven't posted this week but behind the scenes I'm working on a few projects to share with you. Just wanted to pop in and share some "nap" pictures with you (my little boy sleeping) and let you know I'll have some new projects for you soon.

Thanks for always stopping by. I love it when you do.

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Rebecca said...

Your little man is NOT that big yet, it's impossible. I bet the girls are growing quickly too :)

Caroline said...

Rebecca! :) Yes he is getting huge. Can you believe? Tempus fugit. The girls are growing so fast too. I wish I could freeze time but as we all know that's impossible. So, as an alternative I take pictures!


Unknown said...

Naps are the very best! I'm hoping mine naps until kindergarden!

Caroline said...

Me too, Carla! But sadly, I think he's outgrowing them. Every one of my children have not napped on a regular basis past age 3. BUT, I guess the silver lining to that is that they are normally ready for bed by 8pm! :)

Susan Anderson said...

He is such a cute boy. I always love watching children sleep. It makes me feel like all must be well with the world.