Feb 1, 2013

Mastering mise en place with Sheri Silver

Are you ready for another round of Mealtime Bootcamp? This week, after Sheri talked about timing, I tackled a technique she suggested called Mise en place, which is a french expression that basically means washing, chopping, prepping and separating ingredients prior to cooking. If you can visualize how everything is set up on a cooking show, you'll have a great understanding of mise en place. 

I started small (prepping my most commonly used ingredients and storing them) but the outcome made a huge difference. 

Please join us for this week's session of Mealtime Bootcamp here today and see how I tackled this one!

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Lisa said...

Caroline, I love this new series! There is so much I have to learn when it comes to meal prepping. Can't wait to read about your experience over at Sheri's! Have a wonderful weekend!

Caroline said...

Thanks Lisa! It's been such a great series and a really terrific motivator for me!

Sue said...

I think that would make a good difference. The cutting and chopping is my least favorite part!


AmberLee said...

i love that you are doing a mealtime bootcamp!! this is exactly what I need right now. love the mis en place tips, i am recommitting to do better!