Feb 13, 2013

Paint Blot Artwork on Cool Progeny

I am a huge believer that our homes should reflect the creative endeavors of our kids. When we embrace their work not JUST on our refrigerators, but on our walls everywhere, they feel more confidence to create. Today on Cool Progeny, I'm sharing with you how to make Paint Blot artwork, which is perfect for any age! If you can blot on paint and fold paper, you can do this! See the full scoop here. 
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Susan Anderson said...

I agree with you. What better way to build self esteem than that?


Elizabeth said...

I love this project. It's so simple, and the results are gorgeous and cool. I also love that it would work for my older daughter, and my toddler. Great idea (as usual)!

Caroline said...

Thanks Sue and Elizabeth. :)

Happy President's Day (today!)


Jill V. said...

Love this! Left you a comment over on Cool Progeny too!