Mar 4, 2013

diy for kids: bookmarks on make and takes!

One of the best feelings in my experience parenting has been watching my kids develop a love for reading. Now that we are beginning to read chapter books, we're always in need of a bookmark. Lately we've been using sticky-notes and other random bits of paper to mark our places until we can return.

These make-shift bookmarks do the job but not as well as a real bookmark! Cue: "lightbulb moment"!

So, today, I'm sharing a fun DIY with you over on Make and Takes  and it's a project perfect for the kids and you! We've crafted bookmarks using paint chips, paper and handmade pom-poms. All the steps for that are here! Come join us!
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Susan Anderson said...

I like a handmade bookmark. I have saved many that my kids made me.