Mar 10, 2013

Family Craft: Crowns Made from Cereal Boxes

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This month I'll be showing you how to make crowns completely out of materials that you have around your house. Today we're making gold crowns out of none other than.... a cereal box! With a few simple materials, you can make some too. These crowns can be used at an adult dinner party, or the kids can wear them around the house and have some royal fun!

Ready to get started! Here we go:

You will need:

A cereal box
Markers (permanent markers work best)
A hole puncher
Gold Paint (I used spray paint but you can also use gold, soy based paint using several coats)

Step 1

Open out an empty cereal box and cut out your crown shapes. Make sure you have a variety of shapes and you can even cut-out a simple band and add feathers (more on that later). For each crown you will simply be drawing a band with points in the center or all along the band. The "band" of cardboard (which will be painted next) will be wrapped around each person's head using yarn attached (through punched holes) then tied in the back.
Step 2
Cover a surface outside and spray a coat of gold paint on your cut-out crowns or paint them by hand if you opt not to use spray paint. Paint both sides and allow them to dry. 

Step 2
Once the gold paint completely dries, decorate your crowns with marker drawing geometric shapes or any design you wish. 

Step 3
Now that your crowns are painted and decorated with marker,  punch holes on both the side of the band. Thread yarn through each hole on either side then tie together in the back. 

Note: if you want to make a feathered crown, attach feathers to the back of the crown using glue or tape, backing with another band. 

There you have it! Your crowns are ready and now you are all set to rule your kingdom! Go forth my fellow crafting friends and reign on!

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Unknown said...

I can not begin to tell you how much I adore this! I can't wait to see the rest of the ideas! (I have a crown planned for this week too - great minds!)

leigh hewett said...

I love the feathers! What a fun idea!

Jen C said...

Love these! The feathers are fab-u-lous dahhling.

Caroline said...

Carla, Leigh and Jen--LOVE to you all. XO!!!!

Susan Anderson said...

We used to make things out of cereal boxes, too. Fun!


Stacy of KSW said...


Unknown said...

The gold paint looks so nice on the cardboard! Who knew! The feathers are fabulous too. :)