Apr 4, 2013

Blog with Purpose!

Today, I'm delighted to be talking to my friend Melanie Biehle of Inward Facing Girl. Melanie has recently written a great e-book called Blog with Purpose, which draws on her experience in marketing and her expertise in social media and beyond. If you'd like to learn how to be a better blogger, this book is for you. I feel really fortunate to know Melanie personally, and I can tell you, not only is she superb human being and amazingly supportive friend, she's also one savvy and super smart cookie. 

And now, Melanie is going to spend just a few moments with us telling us a little more...

Me: Melanie, thanks so much for spending a little time with us here today on Salsa Pie. So, tell us a little more about your newly available ebook, Blog With Purpose. What inspired you to write this book for bloggers and creatives?

Melanie: I have learned so much about blogging over the past few years and I thought it would be helpful to put it all together in an organized fashion. I wanted to do more than just a series of blog posts because I wanted people to engage with the content, not just read it. That's why I included exercises in each chapter that specifically instructs readers to think about the material and apply it to their own blog...right then, on the spot!

Me: I'm curious, what mistake do you see most often with bloggers or creatives trying to promote content? I mean, I know I can speak personally when I say I sometimes cringe at how I sound on Facebook or Twitter when I'm trying to share my own work! 

Melanie: Promoting the post in exactly the same way on all their social media channels. I know that people like using tools to push their content out across all their networks, but it's so important to change the message and tailor it to each specific type of share. That doesn't mean you shouldn't use tools like HootSuite, it just means that you should use them thoughtfully. Also, here's a little Twitter trick that might be helpful for some people. It's something I learned long after I started using it.

Me: In what ways will Blog with Purpose help us to become better bloggers?
Melanie: It will help readers become better bloggers because it teaches you how to take your own interests and ideas and turn them into original and relatable content. Also, I've included lots of resource lists for things that I don't get too specific about in the workbook. So, if I don't give you tips about something, I'll lead you to someone who will.
Me: Okay, so lastly, since we're devoted to inspiring creative activities for families and children here on Salsa Pie and I know you are mother to one awesome little creative dude (I've seen his dance moves!) can you share with my readers some ways that you embrace your creativity at home with the family? How does that inspire your work? 

Melanie: Besides having sweet dance moves, Nathaniel has a fantastic imagination that rocks my world. Drew and I call our family the Adventure Club because we love going out and exploring new places and things to do. Nathaniel likes to make up games based on our real-life adventures. For instance after we went to the Chinese New Year celebration in Seattle he wanted to play "dragon and firecrackers." "Mommy, you be the dragon and I'll be the firecrackers!" Then we chase each other around in our assigned (by Nathaniel, always) roles. He's amazing.

Me: Thanks so much, Melanie for chatting with us and telling us more about your book!
Also, later this month Melanie will be launching a six-week online course all about creating content. There will be exercises, feedback, and a Facebook group for all participants. If you’d like to learn more, be sure to sign up for her email list. She'll be sending out information about registration soon.
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Melanie said...

Hi Caroline! Thank you so much for having me today. xoxo

Unknown said...

Nice post.

Maggie May said...

I really like what you said about tailoring the message to each channel, Melanie. Really true!

Susan Anderson said...

Interesting interview, and it sounds like a cool book to read. Maybe I could learn something about promoting my poetry site!