Apr 8, 2013

Julia's Lip Tint

I'm sure most of you have noticed that I don't write product reviews nowadays. However, today I'm making an exception because I've been wowed by a product. Today I'm writing about Julia's Lip Tint, a product I was first introduced to awhile ago when my friend (and make-up artist) gushed over it and posted about it in her Instagram feed. I was immediately curious because not only did she look gorgeous wearing her lip tint but I loved the idea of a lip color that was all-natural and that would actually last. 

I'm thirty-six years old now, but around the age of thirty I stopped being able to wear lipstick without a good lip liner or else the lipstick would bleed outside of the lines of my lips. Crazy, I know and sadly, I am not kidding. 

So, when I was offered a couple of samples of Julia's Lip Tint by the developer of the product and owner of the company I was really excited to try them. Two months have gone by before I've had a chance to write this post, but in a way I am glad because I've really had an opportunity to test the product. Let me say this: I have worn (and loved!!) my lip tint almost every single day since I received it in the mail! The tint is made from a rosewater and glycerin base so it feels light going on and smells lovely too. Even better, it looks so natural and stays on my actual lips--no more lipstick "bleeding"! 

Each bottle of lip tint is $14.95 but since you only need a small amount for color, a bottle will go a long way. In other words: it's very economical!

I hate to think of such a fantastic product as a best kept "secret" because it's so great! That's why I'm telling you about it! The website for Julia's Lip Tint is here.  You're going to love it and when you purchase your lip tint you are helping a female business owner! What could be more awesome than that? 

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Susan Anderson said...

Sounds great. I'm heading over!


Unknown said...

Now I really want to try this. Gee, thanks! Haha!

Caroline said...

Sue that sounds awesome! and Kim, you will love it!

Unknown said...

How do you apply it, Caroline? I have started using a tint on my cheeks and I love it! I bet I would love this too.