May 28, 2013

diy: diamond patterned tablecloth on make and takes!

This weekend was really busy for us but we got a lot accomplished. I organized my craft cabinet (are you asleep yet?) Zzzzzzz. The kids started reading ebooks and we discovered that our library has them available which is so awesome. I'm definitely a futurist when it comes to reading online. I think ebooks are the future. Not surprising, coming from a blogger, right?

Another thing I was able to do this weekend was an easy DIY I'd had on my list for awhile. I had an older linen tablecloth that needed some kind of a design so I decided to do something bold and geometric. I'm seeing lots of diamond patterns everywhere these days in a design that reminds me of the artistry found in handwoven carpets from around the world. Diamond patterned stencils are super easy to create. Making these stencils is similar to cutting snowflake designs out of paper. I'll show you how on Make and Takes today. Come join us.
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